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Velux Window Installation

085 779 5818 - Customer Testimonial by Helena Skehan from Dublin 13

Velux window installation review

When was the work done?

The work was done in April, 2012.

What was involved?

We had a problem with the roof on our extension leaking and we wanted it fixed. Ian took all of the tiles off the roof including four glass panels and added insulation, replaced the tiles and installed four new velux windows in place of the panels.

Why did you choose Top Grade Roofing?

We found Ian on the pickapro website and really liked what we read of his customer testimonials. We also spoke to one other roofer about our project but he did roofing on the side so to speak, whereas Ian was a full time roofer. When it came time to getting a quote, Ian’s was not only more reasonable in price, it was completely broken down so we could see exactly what we were paying for. It was like a step by step of a plan of work. I had a chance to contact a reference of his who was in our area but I didn’t. After speaking to Ian we trusted him to do a good job. Needless to say, we chose Ian to do the work.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Ian?

We knew what we wanted done, we just weren’t sure how to do it.

Did Ian introduce new ideas?

Ian fine tuned our ideas and supplied all the know how. It was Ian that suggested we put the four veluxes in what they call a one unit quatro which is four veluxes together in one unit. It turned out ideal for the position we wanted the windows in.

How did the project run?

Very well. The workmanship was excellent and there is no leaking with the new roof or windows which had been a problem with the previous roof. You couldn’t get nicer lads in to do the work and we’re delighted with how it all turned out.

What was the biggest benefit to you of choosing Top Grade Roofing?

The biggest benefit that we found in Ian was that he was willing to listen to what we wanted, did a good job and the roof is good and solid with no leaks.

Would you recommend Top Grade Roofing to others?

I would recommend Ian highly

Any tips for other people?

One tip would be to use the Pickapro website. It’s going to be our first port of call as we have painting and tiling work that needs to be done. I also recommend reading the testimonials from homeowners on the site, they were a great help to us