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Property Management Roofing

085 779 5818 - Customer Testimonial by Graham Martin

Property Management Roofing review

When was the work done?

Ian has been doing work for us for about six years now.

What was involved?

We’re are a property management company and we manage about thirty apartment complexes. Ian does a variety of jobs in our different developments from small jobs replacing individual tiles or gutters to larger jobs where he needs to replace or repair whole sections of the roof.

Did you know what had to be done before speaking with Ian?

It depends on the situation. Sometimes I need to send my maintenance guy out first to assess the problem and they might call me back and say that we need Ian to come out to the site and get the situation corrected.

Did Ian introduce new ideas?

Not as much in the way of ideas but what the situation is and what’s needed to correct it. He goes out to the site, checks it and lets me know what is needed and what it will cost. We generally give Ian the go ahead to get things fixed.

How did the project run?

Fantastic, just fantastic. What I like about Ian is he is always honest with me. Even on days when the weather is bad and everybody is ringing him, he’ll let me know if he can’t get to me immediately and I can understand that. I would rather wait another day for Ian opposed to finding someone else whose work I can’t stand over. That’s how good Ian is. At the end of the day in my business, we are only good as our contractors. In the past we would have contacted three of four roofers, but for most of our roofing jobs now, 95% I would say, we just Contact Ian.

What was the biggest benefit to you of choosing Top Grade Roofing?

Ian’s extremely reliable and competitive on price. He is also very courteous and that goes a long way because Ian is working developments where residents are living and it’s not uncommon for them to bump into him while he is working. Because of his manner, people are comfortable around him and that’s important because if we have rude tradesmen out there it reflects poorly on us. We don’t have to worry about Ian.

Would you recommend Top Grade Roofing to others?

I certainly would and I have.