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Chimney Repair Review

085 779 5818 - Customer Testimonial by Robert Cousins from Dublin 3

Chimney repair review

When was the work done?

At the start of January 2012.

What was involved?

A chimney reconstruction. It was an old chimney, the bricks were shot and the chimney was cracked. I thought first it just needed to be repointed but I had learnt that it actually needed to be rebuilt.

Why did you choose Top Grade Roofing?

I spotted Top Grade on I had been in contact with several roofers, but they were slow to come out and do the job. On the top of that, they were all varying between repointing and rebuilding and nobody seemed to know exactly what to do with it. I picked Top Grade first of all on the basis of locality. I liked what I saw on their website too so I checked a couple of their references. That was it – they seemed to be very professional. I liked their positivity and their knowledge of what had to be done, I felt comfortable with them.

Had you definite idea's in mind before you talked to Ian?

I wanted the chimney resealed first, I also wanted it to look the same as it had looked before the rebuild. The house is 150 years old so I wanted the new chimney to fit in with the other chimneys on the road. And I wanted to have the top covered with a cowl.

Did Ian introduce new ideas?

Top Grade Roofing certainly knew what they were talking about, far more than anybody else I talked to. They were very clear about the work that needed to be done.

How did the project run?

The job took two days. There was a big team on it, which was great to see. They also checked the roof for loose slates for us as well, and fixed a couple of slates. That was a nice touch which added to the project. And there was very little inconvenience to my neighbours. I was very happy with it.

What was the biggest benefit to you of choosing Top Grade Roofing?

It was just nice to get the work done. I’d been trying to get someone to do it for over 12 months. I’d been terrified that snow would come through, and the chimney would deteriorate further or even break up.

Would you recommend Top Grade Roofing to others?

Absolutely – no problem at all. Ian was a gentleman to deal with and very clear in describing what had to be done. The other guys were very fast and efficient and all very nice too. They had to come through the house a couple of times, and they took their boots off outside before they came through. They were very respectful of our house.

Any tips for other people?

Get a few people to quote on the job and be clear on what you want to get done. Check references – it does make you feel more comfortable.